Neuroscience Fellows Grant Guidelines

Leon Levy Fellowship in Neuroscience Program Grant Guidelines as of February 20, 2015

The Leon Levy Foundation continues to advance Leon Levy’s interest in neuroscience by identifying and supporting the most exceptional individuals as they begin their research careers in studies of the mind, brain, and behavior. The Foundation has decided to pursue this core interest by establishing Leon Levy Fellowship Programs at select New York institutions. Our goal is to advance the careers of the most outstanding young neuroscientists and to encourage them to pursue risk-taking research ideas that would not find support from other sources.

Our interest is in fundamental research to increase our understanding of the brain with particular emphasis on the relationship between brain function and its impact on human behavior. Although the LLF will not fund clinical trials, diseases of the brain, particularly those that affect behavior, are of interest to the foundation. All fellowship program affiliates will also benefit from participation in an annual symposium which is intended to foster connections and collaborations between researchers and across institutions.

Our hope is that these young scientists, along with their mentors, will raise the level of neuroscience research in New York and throughout the world.

The overarching goals of the Leon Levy Fellowship Program are:
• To support and nurture exceptional young researchers in neuroscience.
• To support these researchers in their pursuit of innovative risk taking investigations.
• To support research that will make a meaningful contribution to our understanding in the basic and clinical neurosciences.
• To help the best young researchers advance their careers toward independent research.
• To promote synergies and collaborations among individuals across the grantee institutions.
• To use LLF grant funds as efficiently as possible.
• To create a fitting legacy to honor Leon Levy’s interest in neuroscience.

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